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Sydney’s lockdown is set to be extended after an alarming increase in daily cases, with some health experts suggesting it could go on for another four weeks.

NSW and federal governments will announce support payments to businesses struggling to survive during the lockdown. The situation is deteriorating rapidly, with more than 60 patients in hospital and a growing number in intensive care, many of whom are young.

Southwest Sydney is being targeted by NSW government and police as the area has the most new cases, but many residents say the focus is unfair and discriminatory.

Victoria is also on high alert after three positive cases were identified in a family returning from NSW. Separately, two Sydney movers also tested positive, sending a building in northwest Melbourne into immediate quarantine. Meanwhile, Queenslanders and Territorians in NSW are advised to return home as soon as possible.

In a major shift in the vaccine rollout in New South Wales, Astra Zeneca will now be offered to anyone over the age of 40, and the government has released a dramatic new ad featuring a young woman with Covid, on a ventilator that has difficulty breathing, in an effort to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he has contacted Pfizer’s boss in America, to speed up the arrival of vaccine supplies, and while the government does not agree, there is a growing frustration with their problematic vaccine procurement strategy.

Join Virginia on the panel:

Marylouise McLaws


Marylouise is an epidemiologist specializing in the control of hospital infections and infectious diseases.

Steve price


With over three decades of industry experience and highly insightful commentary, news commentator and talk show host Steve Price has become a household name in Australia.

Mukesh Haikerwal

GP and former president of WADA

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal is a Melbourne-based doctor who has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 response in Victoria.

Machete Laurie

Podcaster and author

Meshel Laurie is a television, radio and podcasting broadcaster, and the author of five books.

Alison pennington

Economist, The Center for Future Work

Alison Pennington is a Senior Economist at the Center for Future Work, associated with the Australia Institute.

Q + A: Live from Melbourne with guest host Virginia Trioli Thursday, July 15 at 8:30 p.m. AEST on ABC and iview



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