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Audible, perhaps the world’s largest name in audiobooks and spoken word entertainment, today announced the launch of the new Plus catalog; a selection of over 11,000 Audible originals, audiobooks and podcasts now included in the subscription at no additional cost. As part of their new content list, Catalog Plus features 21 new Australian and New Zealand productions.

Catalog Plus gives listeners access to thousands of Audible Originals, audiobooks and podcasts in addition to their monthly credit. Members can listen to whatever they want from the Plus catalog, which includes a wide range of bestsellers, hidden gems, and new releases across all genres. Members can stream an impressive selection of Australian and Kiwi talent, both in front of and behind the microphone, in genres ranging from crime to personal development and comedy. The list includes The Orchard, with Eric Bana and Magda Szubanski; The success experience by FlexMami; Creative Differences by Graeme Simsion; and Love, Rock Bottom and Other Triumphs by Angela Dravid and produced with Piki Films, founded by Oscar-winning filmmakers Taika Waititi and Carthew Neal. These local legends join a roster of star international talent, with Audible Originals starring Michael Caine, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Deepak Chopra, Idris and Sabrina Elba, Stephen Fry, Tan France and more.

All of these Audible originals and exclusives are included in the Plus catalog alongside influential Australian stories such as Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and See What You Made Me Do by Jess Hill; and international fan favorites such as A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson and The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis.

In recent years, Audible Originals has also focused heavily on locally produced audio entertainment. In the past 12 months alone, Audible has released Audible Original audiobooks and exclusive podcasts from Zoë Foster-Blake, Nakkiah Lui, Miranda Tapsell, Melissa Doyle, Nazeem Hussain, and Marc Fennell. As well as Mahmood Fazal’s acclaimed No Gangsters in Paradise, which received a Walkley Award for Media Diversity, with Audible Originals It Burns by Marc Fennell, Habits for Happiness by Dr Tim Sharp and Second Skin by Christian White ranking among the top five in Audible’s International Best Sellers List.

Leanne Cartwright-Bradford, Operations Manager for APAC, said: “Australians are voracious listeners and with Catalog Plus we are giving our members the ability to listen to even more unique and high quality content. We are delighted with the continued increase in popularity of Audible in Australia and New Zealand. It is clear that our members appreciate our ever-growing array of local and global content and we are committed to solidifying our position as a hotbed of premium spoken word entertainment. “

a Audible membership starts from $ 16.45/month. You will find below some of our strong points, to see the complete catalog, visit

Upcoming original and exclusive Audible content as part of the Plus catalog:

  • The orchard, performed by Eric Bana, Magda Szubanski, Olivia Deeble and Gary Sweet
  • The Experience of Success: FlexMami’s Formula for Knowing What You Really Want and How to Get It, by Lillian ‘FlexMami’ Ahenkan
  • Creative differences, by Graeme Simsion, author of the Rosie project
  • Love, Rock Bottom and other triumphs, by Angella Dravid and produced with Piki Films, founded by Oscar-winning filmmakers Taika Waititi and Carthew Neal
  • The Superiors Makers, by Madeleine Sami and Jackie Van Beek and produced with Piki Films, founded by Oscar-winning filmmakers Taika Waititi and Carthew Neal
  • Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts, first available on audio in Australia and New Zealand
  • Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Change the World, by Tyson Yunkaporta
  • Sleeping agent, by John Birmingham
  • 9 steps to detox from negativity, by Domonique Bertolucci
  • Sun shade, by Phil Enchelmaier and Bronwen Noakes
  • The consequence, by Gabriel Bergmoser
  • Final act, by Sarah Bailey
  • Psych Up: get courage, toughen up, regenerate your mind, by Mark Mathieson
  • Always together: connect to yourself, to each other, to your life, by Manoj Dias
  • You’ve Got This: 101 Ways To Boost Your Confidence, Feed Your Spirit, And Remind Yourself All Will Be Alright by Dominique Bertolucci
  • Active lifestyle: how to feel less stressed, more present and regain control when using technology, by Joanne Orlando
  • Crap to Happy: Simple Steps to Living Your Best Life by Cassandra Dunn
  • Shit to happy: love what you do, by Cassandra Dunn
  • From shit to happy: love who you are with, by Cassandra Dunn
  • Manhattan dreaming, by Anita Heiss
  • Paris Dream, by Anita Heiss

Audiobooks available in the Plus catalog:

  • See what you made me do, by Jess Hill
  • Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
  • The Queen’s Gambit, by Walter Tevis
  • Fight like a girl, Clementine Ford
  • Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan
  • A brief history of almost everything, by Bill Bryson
  • The compound effect, by Darren Hardy
  • 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll and narrated by Scarlett Johansson
  • Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen and narrated by Rosamund Pike



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