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Approval for the federal government’s handling of the pandemic is at an all-time low as the popularity of state and territory leaders has skyrocketed, new polls show. A monthly poll measuring the feelings of more than a thousand Australians across the country found that less than a quarter of those polled believe the Prime Minister and his team are doing a good job. Researchers from the independent think tank The Australia Institute found that support for the management of the coalition government peaked at 25 percent in August last year when the poll first began. The most recent figures for July show it has since declined to 16 percent while state and territory governments have peaked at 42 percent. Institute lead researcher Bill Browne believes a combination of the dismal vaccine rollout and state and territory leaders, not Prime Minister Scott Morrison, bringing the latest news and updates to the public every day practices led to this change. “Last year Australia looked very favorable compared to other countries, especially countries like us, like the UK and the US,” Browne said. “This year our vaccine rollout is overdue both in these countries and in other places around the world. I think you have to imagine that vaccine rollout is a big part of why you see [support] continues to decline this year. “As polls began five months after the country’s response to the pandemic began, Browne suspects that this is a steady decline. In the first few months of the year The initial outbreak, Mr Morrison and health figures appeared before the public on a near-daily basis. But after the initial nationwide restrictions were lifted, the idea for Team Australia took off. has faded as some states grapple with local Covid outbreaks. Dr Browne said this could have created the perception that the federal government was pulling back. “This year, the federal government is much more accommodating to states and Prime Minister insisted that state prime ministers have the right to choose whatever strategy they think will suit their state, “Browne said.” I think the federal government has responded to the obvious popularity of the prem approach iers ministers and prime ministers. “That said, it did not appear to have improved their perception of their handling of the crisis and it could be because the vaccine is really the primary focus on the 2021 side of the pandemic.” The recent outbreaks in Sydney and Melbourne have likely contributed more to the drop in support, he said. READ MORE: While outbreaks and subsequent closures last year were seen as hotel quarantine failures or the result of the “new normal”, frustration is felt by federal officials at the slow pace of the rollout of the vaccine, which did not help suppress the virus. “When Covid outbreaks occurred last year, there was often confusion as to which layer of government is responsible,†Mr. Browne said. “While this year, with vaccines so clearly a federal responsibility, there is this feeling that if vaccine rollout was further along, epidemics could have been more limited or avoided altogether. The renewed support for states and territories could lead to a re-examination of the power and fiscal imbalance between the two levels of government, Browne said. With a level playing field, state and territory leaders could shake federal politics at the best of times. interest of its inhabitants. The climate change targets were an obvious starting point, he said. “Even before the pandemic, we saw the state fill the void [and] take leadership on climate change in the absence of action from the federal government, â€said Mr. Browne. “The most obvious example is with the net zero goals by 2050 that all states and territories have adopted, which the federal government has yet to do. “I think there will be more opportunities for this in the future.” Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:




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