The Best Quiet Places to Live in Australia


With a GDP of around $1.331 billion in 2021, Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world. Australia’s environmental fabric is a sight to behold; filled with the awe-inspiring beauty of various Australian properties. Not only is the country doing well economically, but it is also one of the most attractive and satisfying places to live based on natural and administrative factors. There are many basic infrastructures and excellent prospects for residents throughout Australia. Choosing to live in Australia is a great decision that hardly anyone will regret.

Also, there are many criteria that determine where people live. Some people prefer to reside in a bustling environment filled with wild nightlife, booming car sounds and intense ambience of hustle and bustle. Even some research shows that the state of a bustling place can improve the happiness level of residents.

Just as we have big city environment lovers, there are also many people who are very fond of living in quiet, undisturbed habitats. There are also many advantages that are attached to living in a quiet neighborhood. First, living in a quiet place can easily help reduce anxiety and stress levels. Additionally, living in a tranquil environment can help stimulate creativity, increase contact with nature, and reduce exposure to various forms of pollution.

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Wahroonga in New South Wales
The suburb of Wahroonga was named after the Aboriginal word ‘our home’. The area is one of the quietest places in Australia. It is suitable for people raising a family, students or single residents. Wahroonga is a beautiful suburb with lots of natural elements like tall, colorful trees and high hills blocking out the extremely busy state of the surrounding large cities and still creating a tranquil and quiet environment. Wahroonga is about a thirty to forty-five minute journey from Sydney; you don’t have to worry about visiting big cities when you are bored or want to have fun. There are shopping malls and institutions in the suburbs. Some of the most popular and amazing educational institutions in Wahroonga are St Leo’s Catholic School, Wahroonga Public School, Abbotsleigh Girls School and Knox Grammar. Also, if you already have a family, you can have fun with your kids at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. The park is the second oldest in all of Australia. Wahroonga has a population of 17,371 and the median house price is $2,025.

Katoomba in New South Wales
The amazing town of Katoomba sits in the Blue Mountains at an elevation of 3,337 feet. If you are a lover of nature, rich cultural heritage and wild beauty of wildlife, Katoomba is the perfect place to reside in Australia. The town is calm and peaceful, and also has many amenities. There are various restaurants and schools in the peaceful town of Katoomba. Some of the schools in Katoomba are Katoomba Public School, Katoomba High School, St Canices Primary School and Korowal School. About 1,900 families reside in the city – the general population is about 7,964 and the median home price is $598,500.

Balwyn to Victoria
Balwyn is a hilly suburb located about ten kilometers east of the city of Melbourne. Balwyn is another perfect place to live in Australia if you like a quiet environment. The suburb is considered affluent because there are lots of beautiful historic buildings and amazing streetscapes. Some of the most popular schools in Balwyn are Camberwell Grammar School, Carey Baptist Grammar School and St Bede’s School. The population residing in Balwyn is 13,312 and the average house price is $2,330,000.

Queens Park in Western Australia
Queens Park, Western Australia is a serene and excellent suburb where you will thoroughly enjoy residing. The people of Queens Park appreciate the beauty of nature and the excellent infrastructure. The suburb has many restaurants, educational institutions, reserves and parks. Additionally, Queens Park is a highly multicultural environment comprised of Filipino, Australian, Chinese, English, and Indian individuals. Queens Park is one of the most amazing and calm towns in Australia.

Upper Caboolture in Queensland
Upper Caboolture In Queensland is a perfect place for lovers of quiet surroundings. Apart from being a peaceful and relaxing place, it also offers residents important amenities. There are plenty of medical facilities and educational institutions in Upper Caboolture. About two thousand families reside in the charming suburb.

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