South Australia’s Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier has COVID-19


South Australia’s Chief Public Health Officer, Nicola Spurrier, has tested positive for COVID-19.

The top public health doctor, who had his fourth stroke last week, met with state COVID-19 leaders this morning as new daily cases hit 4,172.

Professor Spurrier is experiencing “extremely mild symptoms”, says SA Health.

She will continue to work from home during her seven-day self-isolation period.

The Emergency Management Board subcommittee met for an hour with Deputy Prime Minister Susan Close, Police Commissioner Grant Stevens and Health Minister Chris Picton in attendance.

Professor Spurrier left after the meeting ended and did not attend a press conference announcing new modeling that predicts more than 400 South Australian adults will be hospitalized within a week due to the virus.

Professor Nicola Spurrier gets into his car after attending a cabinet subcommittee meeting of the Emergency Management Council on Tuesday. (ABC News)

Mr Picton said non-emergency elective surgeries in public hospitals could be postponed or transferred to private hospitals in anticipation of daily cases peaking at around 7,000 next week.

The government is also encouraging students to wear face masks when they return to school next week, but would not make it compulsory.

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The risk of prolonged COVID accumulates with reinfection, says Norman Swan.

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