Quad Summit 2022: NewsX special panel with voices from Australia


The Quad Leaders’ Summit, held in Tokyo today, paved the way for a free and open Indo-Pacific and increased cooperation. Prime Minister Modi held a bilateral meeting with the newly elected Australian Prime Minister on the sidelines of the summit. As momentum around the Indo-Charter builds, NewsX has hosted a special TV show featuring Australia’s top foreign policy analysts to decode geostrategic developments and their impact on Indo-Australian relations.

Lisa Singh, CEO of the Australia India Institute, said: “In terms of Quad and AUKUS, I think both are extremely important for Australia as each has its own functions. Australian Prime Minister Albanese has made it clear that he is committed to both areas.

He added: ‘Australian Prime Minister Albanese has shown his commitment not just to the Quad but to a free and open Indo-Pacific, by standing two days after the election.

Dr Bryce Wakefield, National Executive Director of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, said: “What critics of IPEF have said is that this is an American attempt to apply many regulations to Southeast Asian countries, which can be adapted to their political situation. savings”.

He added: “There was considerable skepticism around India’s position on Ukraine at the time. It was all over the world. There were people who were quite critical. However, the Quad focuses on the Indo-Pacific. Ukraine is seen as an irritant. This does not prevent the good work of the Quad”

Dr. Teesta Prakash, Associate Researcher at Lowy Associate, said: “We have to wonder why Quad is so focused on non-traditional security. This is because he needs the whole region to join the Quad.

Natasha Jha Bhaskar, Managing Director of Newland Global Group, said: “It’s not really the optics but the commitment of the new Australian Prime Minister to make it his business to resume his role and go to the Quad Summit. “

She further pointed out, “One of the biggest things that comes out is the engagement story in Asia. It is clearly recognized that Asia is not only the factory of the world, but is becoming the new market of the world”.


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