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The Civil Aviation Safety Authority, a government agency, said air crews are reporting an increase in assaults by passengers and it believes the incidents are linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

“There has been a huge increase in the number of incidents in recent months, and indeed in recent years,†CSA’s Peter Gibson told ABC News 24 this morning.

On [a] 15 percent [increase], some airlines have seen it, and it’s all kinds of stuff – it’s people abusing, it’s people who are physically aggressive, it’s people damaging property – all things that obviously are , unacceptable.

In many cases, they are against the law and, of course, can endanger safety in flight.

We believe it is linked to the pandemic. People are obviously under a lot of stress. Then on top of that you have all the restrictions and requirements like wearing a mask and for some people that just means that stress builds up on their trips, and that results in bad behavior. Now that’s kind of understandable, but it’s definitely not acceptable.

We had another where someone was, a crew member, reminding someone to wear a mask, and was abused, then physically grabbed for having the temerity to tell them to follow the rules.

Airport stuff, airline crews are here to help. They will understand, but not if you behave foolishly, behave exaggeratedly, behave like a Christmas turkey, you will be in trouble.



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