National Payday Relief has a plan to get its customers to say goodbye to those aggressive phone calls from lenders


The consumer loan industry in the United States has grown significantly over the past decade. This industry is made up of hundreds of private payday lenders. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in job losses, business closures, wage cuts, which have made households desperate for payday loans.

These loans are as dangerous as they come because of the high interest rates. National Payday Relief provides debt repayment assistance, including payday loan consolidation and debt relief programs. Since 1999, they’ve helped hundreds of clients take back control of their financial lives, one payday loan at a time. And you don’t have to worry about losing more money because of NPDR. Their rates are affordable. The company only charges a flat rate of 35% of the amount it saved you once the payment method was successful.

“Some companies will entice you with this offer and destroy you with the interest rate. If you have fallen into this trap, do not despair, there is still hope ”, assures NPDR.

One of the best ways to ditch the loan repayment drama is to seek help from a loan consolidation company. But how does the pooling of credits work? It’s simple. The consolidator takes your loan and bears all charges. They will contact the lender, negotiate rates and payment schedules, and take care of all financial records.

“At National Payday Relief, we strive to provide our clients with sound financial advice and effective payday loan consolidation services. Our staff is made up of well-trained professionals with years of experience, so they will develop an appropriate financial plan to help you regain financial freedom. Our payday loan relief services are designed to help you consolidate your payday loan debt among other debts and bills that you would need help with with financing planning, ”adds NPDR.

What happens with payday loans is that you try to leave them, but your paycheck is failing you. For example, if you borrowed a $ 150 payday loan and your salary is $ 200, you will pay back the $ 150 on payday. You have $ 50 left, and after paying a few bills, you realize that the money won’t support you until the next payday. So you go back to the lender and apply for another loan, and the cycle continues. National Payday Relief’s Debt Consolidation Program will help you get out of this mess.

“We will renegotiate the terms of your loan with your creditors and ask them to lower your interest rates or your monthly payments, or both. We then consolidate your loans into a single loan with a low interest rate that you can repay comfortably in monthly installments. Converting your debts into one affordable and payable monthly payment is our mission, because we believe that all Americans with strained finances at least deserve low interest loans.

The nationally recognized company, headquartered in Oakland Park, Florida, assists clients with other financial services. These include:

  • Debt aid
  • Loan settlement
  • Help and advice
  • Credit card relief
  • Help with credit repair
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Debt Repayment Calculator

Payday loans are attractive and lenders have mastered the art of persuasion. Whether you’ve borrowed from a local or digital lender, you keep asking for more. The fact that these loans do not need any collateral or credit checks is very tempting. Moreover, they are confidential and no one should know that you are going through financial problems. Friends, family, and financial affairs don’t always go well.

But with too good a bargain comes a never-ending cycle of borrowing. Unless you really need a payday loan, it is wise to avoid them. These loans are very expensive and can take a toll on your bank account and your mental health. If you’ve ever defaulted on a payday loan, you know these lenders can be annoying, calling you daily with threats. In general, avoid pay = day loans for the following reasons:

  • You must repay it in full as soon as your paycheck arrives
  • Default results in ridiculous rolling costs
  • The loan interest is high
  • The lender deducts a processing fee before depositing the money into your account
  • Payday lenders have aggressive and scary debt collection policies

Payday loan settlement

Sometimes payday loans are inevitable. You can have medical emergencies and other unforeseen bills that require quick cash. But what happens when you find yourself stuck in a payday loan cycle? What to do when you do not have the means to fully repay the loans? Do you turn to your friends and family? There is one way NPDR can help; payday loan settlement.

A payday loan settlement takes the repayment burden off your shoulders and protects creditors from harassing you. NPDR will get you out of debt within a specified time frame by reviewing your loan and negotiating on your behalf. This option is the best when you are no longer able to pay off your payday loan debts. This can be due to job loss, lower pay, among other reasons.

“Payday loan settlement has many benefits. You will pay less than what you owe when you go for settlement because you are using the expertise of the debt relief company to help lower your interest rates by paying a percentage of what may be due. , and even canceling balances at a percentage of the total amount. Your debt relief representative knows how to keep creditors away, ”says NPDR.

Credit card debt

National Payday Relief is a payday loan aid company, but that doesn’t mean it can’t solve one of the biggest problems in the US lending industry; credit card debt. Did you know that almost 50% of American adults have credit card debt? Yes, that’s according to CNBC.

NPDR offers financial advice on credit card loans and how to break the habit of borrowing and spending too much money that has seen many Americans go into credit card debt. Better yet, they put you in touch with Consumer Credit Card Relief, their sister company. Through its credit card relief program, the company will guide you to collect credit card loan debt.

“Our goal is to provide all the resources you need to get your credit card debt under control and focus on better spending habits as well as a pay-as-you-go approach to eliminating your total debt,” says Consumer Card Credit Relief. .

Financial and legal advice

Financial awareness and education is an integral part of NPDR’s payday loan relief programs. They understand that knowing the pros and cons of payday loans contributes to the collection of debts from their clients. Without learning better financial tips and tricks, a customer will erase their payday loan debt and then come back in the same mess.

NPDR works with financial advisers, debt settlement lawyers and loan experts to prevent this from happening and give you sound knowledge that will transform your economic lifestyle. With better habits, you will see progress in your finances and your quality of life. Their help is digital and your payday loan information is confidential.

“National Payday Relief provides you with an online form for you to fill out and get payday loan help and advice. It is fully encrypted to keep your online information secure. You will need to personalize your request by indicating your debt range, the financial flexibility you have and the type of help you need, ”says National Payday Relief.

“Using our payday loan relief program will help you develop the most accurate way to solve your financial problem by having professionals on the ground supporting you until you get relief. “

Mortgage refinancing

Are you struggling with payday loans because your mortgage is eating up most of your paycheck? Mortgage refinancing could be a suitable way to save money. You refinance a mortgage by taking out a new loan to pay off the original mortgage. This option comes with serious risks, so be sure to consult a mortgage advisor before making a decision.

Mortgage refinancing is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, it helps build equity in your home.

“It is done by paying off the debt you owe on your home while your home appreciates in the housing market. This equity that you have built up over the years can be taken out of the home for financial gain by refinancing your home, ”says NPDR.

Second, refinancing your mortgage allows you to pay lower rates and on a more flexible schedule.

“If you buy your house and the bank gives you a 5% mortgage rate, it will stay that way until your house is paid off. The mortgage rates on the houses around your property could go down and you don’t want to be forced to pay the higher mortgage rate.

National Payday Relief helps clients navigate the entire mortgage refinancing process. For more information on this service and others, contact them at (888) 407-4521. You can also fill out their application form on their website.

About national wage relief

NPDR is a payday loan relief and consolidation company with over 20 years of experience in the consumer loan industry. They offer payday loan consolidation services, debt settlement assistance, financial and legal advice. The company’s mission is to be an efficient and reliable breakdown service provider in the United States.

For more information visit their office at 3221 NW 10th Terrace # 501, Oakland Park, FL 33309

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