Michael Gunner resigns as NT chief minister; early voting opens; Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese campaigns continue; Scott Morrison Defends Katherine Deves’ ‘Mutilation’ Comments; Clive Palmer’s UAP preferred by the Liberal Party; Labor promise millions to Victorian Rail Loop


Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife, Lucy, were among some 350 Australians to cast their ballots in London on Monday (UK time) on the opening day of the polls for the May 21 federal election.

Turnbull, who is in Europe to speak at a conference on green hydrogen this week, was hosted by Acting High Commissioner Lynette Wood at Australia House, where around 12,000 Australian expats and travelers will vote over the fifteen next days.

Last week, the former prime minister gave a speech in the US that offered thinly veiled support for the so-called ‘teal’ independent movement, saying disgruntled Liberal voters could vote ‘with their feet’ to support them .

Turnbull previously declined to say whether he would vote for Liberal MP Dave Sharma in his former Wentworth seat.

“In many ways, this could be the most interesting part of the whole election, because if more of these ‘teal’ independents win, it will mean that the Liberal Party’s capture will be thwarted by direct, democratic voter action.” , said the former. said the Prime Minister in his speech.

Turnbull spent several years living in Britain, studying at Oxford, working at The Sunday Times then as a lawyer. Her great-great-uncle George Lansbury was a British politician and social reformer who led the British Labor Party from 1932 to 1935.


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