LockBit ransomware gang hits Melbourne Kilvington Grammar school


Data exfiltrated from the independent coeducational Baptist institution Kilvington Grammar School by the LockBit ransomware gang was released on the dark web on October 14. LockBit only attacks Windows systems.

iTWire asked schoolwho relies on Ormond on Oct. 15 if he had anything to say about the breach, but there was studious silence from the institution.

However, on Sunday age reported that the school had notified the families of the children attending the school that it had suffered a data breach.

In a statement to agethe school said: “Kilvington Grammar confirms that it has experienced a data incident involving unauthorized access to some of its online systems.

“Although the third party did not have access to the school’s main database, some data was accessed.


A notice on the LockBit dark web website announcing the fact that data from Kilvington Grammar was posted there in October.

“The team has undertaken a forensic investigation to establish the nature of this data and we have notified and provided support to the parties involved.”

The school did not say anything about there being an October 24 deadline for

LockBit is a relatively new strain of ransomware that was previously known as the “abcd virus”. According security firm Kaspersky, attacks of this malware were first observed in September 2019, the name being due to the file extension that was created when data on a victim’s system was encrypted.

The company said LockBit is a subclass of ransomware known as a “crypto virus” due to the fact that it shapes its ransom demands around a financial payment in exchange for decryption. It is said to focus primarily on businesses and government organizations rather than individuals.

Meanwhile, a tech company that works under contract with the Victorian government also suffered a data breach.

age said PNORS Technology Group had contracts with six different departments, including education and training.

PNORS has yet to make a public statement about the attack on its systems. iTWire sought the company’s comments.


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