“Less than one in ten adults eat enough vegetables”


A Tasmanian nonprofit has launched a new project to provide a healthy lunch to students at 15 schools in the state. But will that be enough for us? The latest report from the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing (AIHW) found that most adults are not consuming the recommended number of vegetables.

In fact, less than one in ten adults eat enough green vegetables each day: 96% of men and 87% of women do not eat enough vegetables. Gaye Rutherford, Certified Sports Dietitian: “Vegetables aren’t as much of a convenience food, if you’re on the go or looking for really easy portable options, they don’t tend to be the first thing people look for. Time constraints can sometimes become a barrier to eating meals or snacks with vegetables. »

The cost of fresh produce is also another reason why some people abandon their healthy eating habits, and in other cases it is because of a lack of access to fresh fruits or vegetables.

With a population living longer, Australia is experiencing higher rates of chronic and age-related diseases like dementia, according to the latest snapshot from the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing. Industry experts say that shouldn’t put people off eating vegetables, but it does mean it’s more important than ever to buy what’s in season.

Source: abc.net.au


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