Applications are open to female athletes to accelerate their careers



Applications are now open for the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Accelerator Program 2022, an initiative launched this year to support the leadership development of female athletes pursuing career options in sport.

The inaugural AIS Accelerate program, involving 18 women from 17 different sports, is nearing completion, and applications for 2022 admission will therefore be available until November 9, 2021.

Matti Clements, AIS Director of People Development and Wellness, said the program focuses on career and leadership development, but it also allows female athletes to build a strong support network during of the transition of their sporting life and beyond.

“We need more gender diversity in the ranks of Australian sport leaders and programs like AIS Accelerate are tangible ways to ensure that we retain the experience and skills of top female athletes when they graduate. athletic career, â€Clements said.

“AIS Accelerate is about identifying the leadership skills that already exist in our female high performance athletes and providing them with the professional development to take the next step to becoming our future leaders in sport. “

The AIS Accelerate program is funded by the Australian Government Office for Women and supported by Sport Australia under the Women Leaders in Sport (WLIS) program. WLIS aims to help women reach their leadership potential in sport, with $ 3.4 million over four years provided by the Australian government.

Paralympic gold-medalist cyclist Emily Petricola managed to balance the competition in Tokyo with participation in the inaugural AIS Accelerate program. She encourages others to apply.

“I can’t think of anything more important as a current athlete than planning for a future after sport,†said Petricola.

“You sacrifice a lot of your life to do what we do every day and for many important years where others are forging a career path. I feel so lucky to have been a part of a program like this one by working with such great experts to pave the way beyond my athletic career. AIS Accelerate seemed like the perfect offer to make sure I could keep my mind engaged in this space and help me plan the types of roles I will be looking for once I retire as an athlete.

Bronwyn Jonathan, former South African netball captain and leading sports consultant at AIS Women, manages the AIS Accelerate program. She says retaining the experience and skills of top female athletes after retirement is crucial to the continued success of Australian sport.

“This program would have been a game-changer for me as I walked through my athletic career along with the rest of my professional interests, so I am delighted that AIS once again has a bespoke program that supports our talented female athletes.

“We had 18 female athletes from 17 different sports participating in the inaugural AIS Accelerate program this year. The individualized approach and high performance experiences shared within the group are undeniably a catalyst for personal transformation while enabling these extraordinary women to pursue leadership roles in sport. “

Former and current podium-ranked athletes and / or a representative of the national team of a recognized sport funded are encouraged to apply. F

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