Who was Miss Stewart and what was the cause of her death? Australian actress dies after being vaccinated against Covid



Who was Miss Stewart and what was the cause of her death? Australian actress dies after being vaccinated against Covid: There has been a sad disappearance of Miss Stewart who battled death after suffering a stroke, this is the result of her Covid vaccination, she is an Australian actress, she is from Queensland and she is a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. She was one of the veteran actors in the industry, she is best known for her UK stage work, she was actively serving in the entertainment industry in 2012, she received the AstraZeneca vaccine, she was suffering from a rare disease. Follow more update on GetIndiaNews.com

Who was Miss Stewart?

Her name is not written on the Wikipedia pages, according to IMDB, her screen credits include Home and Away for the Seven Network, she is from Queensland and she has been working in London for some time now, it looks like the GoFundMe page has raised over $ 167,000 to help Ms. Stewart recover.

Miss Stewart

Miss Stewart’s health complications

She suffered a stroke and survived death, she was later diagnosed with Vaccine Induced Thrombocytopenic Thrombosis Syndrome, this was a rare side effect, she had surgery at St. George, she received her first injection on May 24, after two weeks she suffered a severe reaction.

Miss Stewart

According to her, she felt a strange reaction on her right arm, she tried to get out of bed but quickly collapsed, she was rushed to hospital where her condition worsened further, she was half paralyzed in the right part of her body. She had no choice but to go for neurosurgery where much of her skull was removed, treatment was done to reduce her brain pressure.

Miss Stewart

She was one of the most incredible actresses and tributes have been paid across the internet for the artist who has entertained audiences so much over the years, she will always be missed and her work will always make her immortal. .

She was one of the legends in the industry, she was an inspiration to many, it seems her loss affected many people on the internet, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, may her soul rest in peace.



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