‘The wait is over:’ First BYD Atto 3 electric vehicles loaded onto trucks for customer deliveries


BYD importer EV Direct has confirmed that the first Atto 3s are now being loaded onto trucks for delivery to waiting customers.

In a Facebook post on Thursday evening, the importer said: “The wait is almost over for our first users as we welcome these beauties to the country and prepare them for our eager customers.”

He also shared a number of images of Atto 3 lined up in his warehouse and loaded onto trucks.

The supply of electric vehicles – especially affordable ones – has been a sticking point lately in Australia, as more drivers seek to make the switch to escape the fuel tank. Because Australia has no fuel efficiency standards, most automakers have little incentive to bring electric vehicles here except in small numbers.

A report by the Australia Institute has highlighted the billion-dollar impact the country’s belated approach to increasing energy efficiency has had, and there are growing calls for more policy. stringent fuel emissions to boost supply to reduce Australia’s transport-related carbon emissions and save thousands of consumers.

EV Direct boss Luke Todd weighed in via LinkedIn on the role BYD – a newcomer to the local auto market – is playing in solving the supply problem, “There’s been a lot of press this week about why Australia is so far behind in EV adoption.

“While others debated and waited, EVDIRECT and BYD embarked on building affordable, high-quality electric vehicles for Australian families and I’m proud to say BYD’s first ATTO3 trucks are now rolling out across Brisbane and soon thousands more across the country,” he said.

Source: Luke Todd/LinkedIn

That’s a big deal for thousands of local order holders who are patiently waiting for the first affordable electric vehicle.

BYD’s arrival in the country is an important step for the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia. It paves the way for more affordable models in an era of high fuel prices and frequent weather changes. Increased adoption of electric vehicles in Australia is imminent and it will only go one way from here.

Right-hand-drive BYD electric vehicle truck spotted

Confirmation that Atto 3s are now being trucked to customers follows BYD’s Atto3 launch event in Brisbane last Tuesday, and now the first vehicles for customers have been spotted on the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane by a reader.

Taken by an electric vehicle enthusiast from the BYD EV Owners Australia Facebook group in Brisbane, the images below show four right-hand drive Atto 3 electric vehicles on a bridge in Brisbane, not far from the Port of Brisbane.

With such demand for this affordable electric vehicle, more than 129 local and passionate BYD order holders responded to this message.

BYD Atto3 Spotted Brisbane
Source: Facebook

With BYD’s production ramping up to a record high in July, it is now gearing up to fulfill thousands of local orders.

But not soon enough for some. One in a humorous comment said: ‘Can we just swerve this lorry through Melbourne and drop off the white?


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