The Untold Truth of Eliza Taylor



While Taylor’s best-known characters have all been on television, she has also moved on to the big screen where she has played various roles. Taylor starred as Kat, a teenage girl with a dark past, in Jordan Ross’ 2017 feature film, “Thumper.” The film centered around a small town riddled with drugs and violence and also starred Lena Headey and Pablo Schreider.

Taylor spoke to ESPN about the excitement of building a character with a director, as well as the allure of this dark film, saying, “It doesn’t glorify the drug world… We made it really dirty and dark, and somehow coarse, that is how it should be seen. ” The film premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and left Taylor feeling “stunned” as it had taken two years to get there.

2017 has been a big year for Taylor’s film career as it also saw the release of Netflix’s “Christmas Inheritance,” where Taylor starred alongside Jake Lacy and Andie MacDowell. Taylor played Ellen, an heiress whose father challenges her to complete a seemingly simple task – deliver a Christmas card – before allowing her to take over the family business. Ellen is spoiled and dependent on others, which is a far cry from Clarke and Kat, but Taylor’s ability to play all of these roles just shows that there is no way to categorize this talented actress.



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