The unlikely reason a McDonald’s drive-thru expansion hit a speed bump


Presumably, a council member wouldn’t call his constituents fat unless they wanted to be kicked out of office. While the council’s actions were probably aimed at stopping people from eating more fast food rather than being insulting, McDonald’s has been a problem in Australia for some time.

CNN reported that in 2013 the town of Tecoma east of Melbourne actually fought against the presence of a McDonald’s in the area, although more out of concern for the natural environment than human health. . Triple M, meanwhile, shared that many health experts are concerned that the overgrowth of “Macca” is worsening “food deserts,” a term for areas that lack access to nutritious food. . Rather than eating healthy food, people in these areas would mostly eat at McDonald’s, according to their logic.

The Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing estimates that in 2017 and 2018 alone, two in three Australian adults could be considered overweight or obese, possibly contributing to Cremorne City Council’s concerns about the rise residents’ access to McDonald’s meals. While everyone has a different opinion on whether or not a board should be able to scrutinize a company’s decisions, Australia isn’t the first country to have qualms with the Golden Arches. – McDonald’s is banned in several countries.


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