Tennis: Jelena Dokic reveals the problem of abuse in tennis: I was kicked until I passed out at 16


Jhe tennis family is still discussing what happened this week, when a video of a father hitting his daughter went viral due to the harshness of the footage.

In an interview with the Australian channel Channel 9, the tennis player Jelena Dokic opened up about something she experienced in the past.

She remembers going through something similar with her father.

“It was disgusting to watch and even more so after living through it”, Dokic said.

“I actually got kicked unconscious a week before the US Open when I was just 16, and that wasn’t the only time. Unfortunately, that what happens behind closed doors is even worse.”

Heartbreaking images

Strong images of a father abusing his child because of tennis.

The tennis player complained that there was no solution.

“Supposedly, the father and coach of this 14-year-old girl had already punched someone at a tennis academy a few weeks ago. And now he beats his daughter like this. Dokic added.

“And I wonder: why is this happening? He has already been banned from a few clubs but he can be in other clubs and go to tournaments because the system is broken. If he has already and is banned from a club or academy, he should not be allowed near a tennis club.”


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