Strict curfews wreak havoc among Willetton High School students charged with conspiracy to murder: court



Two girls accused of plotting to kill one of their teachers at Willetton High School are seeking to change their strict bail conditions, a Perth juvenile court said on Thursday.

The 14 and 13-year-old students were released on bail in previous hearings, which mainly prevented them from leaving their homes and kept them away from school, teachers and other students, especially any communication with witnesses.

Two teens from Willetton Senior High School appear in court for stabbing a teacher on November 1.Credit:New Perth News

The 14-year-old who is said to be at the center of the knife plot, which also involved torching the school to cover her tracks, has been assessed on her mental well-being and does not suffer from any psychosis or mental illness.

However, her defense attorney Patti Chong told the court on Thursday that her client’s 24-hour curfew was having an impact on her mental health, as police knocked at the house typically between 1 and 2 a.m. which prevented him from sleeping.

Ms. Chong demanded that the curfew be reduced to 12 noon from noon to midnight to prevent her from losing sleep.

Lawyer for 13-year-old accused accomplice Sean O'Sullivan in court.

Lawyer for 13-year-old accused accomplice Sean O’Sullivan in court.
Credit:Aja Styles

The public prosecutor said he opposed the bail in the first place and was against the request to change the conditions given that she was seriously charged with attempted murder.

He said, however, that he would speak to the police and ask them to be “more attentive” to the times when they carry out their checks.

Lawyer for alleged 13-year-old accomplice Sean O’Sullivan has signaled that he will seek an amendment to the bond at his next court appearance because his current conditions are hampering his mother’s ability to work.



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