Stressed and exhausted, class of 2021 begins deferred HSC exams with English



As the HSC exams begin Tuesday, many 12th grade students remain angry that the assessments have not been canceled or changed after losing months of face-to-face learning due to the prolonged lockdown of the COVID in Sydney.

They are also worried about going back to school for HSC given the uncertainty caused by the four-week delay in exams.

Harriet Shand and Hordur Zoega have been pushing for HSC exams to be removed.Credit:Wolter peeters

But amid the feelings of frustration and resentment, there’s a relief that a year of hell is about to end. At 9:50 a.m., 62,647 NSW students will take their English exam.

Parramatta’s Arthur Phillip High School captain, Melika Azimi, was among those advocating for HSC exams to be canceled earlier this year. She remains convinced that they should not have gone ahead.

“The hassle and stress were unnecessary, and the HSC certainly should have been canceled,” she said.

But NSW Education Standards Authority chief executive Paul Martin said NESA, the education department, the Catholic sector and independent schools had combined and “managed to land HSC 2021 as well as we could “.

“We are on the eve of the first review,” he said. “We tried to make decisions that we wouldn’t have to change, and it worked for us. The students will take all of their exams, which is the fairest thing.

“They’re a little later, but maybe it gave the students more time to study, hopefully.” Maybe it got them a little stressed. But overall, given COVID and a very difficult year, I think we’re in the best place we could be. “

As exams are delayed for four weeks, some students suffer from fatigue and lack of motivation.



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