Rooftop park solution to reduce Docklands space


Enrollment at Docklands Primary School, which was built for 300 pupils, has been surprisingly high, with 115 pupils starting in preparation this year and the school is expected to have more than 500 pupils by 2024.

Cr Reece said the site was important as it was a large plot of land in a prominent location at what was a gateway to the Docklands and provided much needed open space in an area which was suffering from poor planning.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews and Education Minister James Merlino visit Docklands Primary School with Principal Adam Bright in 2021.Credit:penny stephens

“It just goes to some of the challenges that Melbourne faces, when you’re trying to upgrade infrastructure in areas that were previously poorly designed by previous governments,” Cr Reece said.

Waterfront City’s development application was rejected by council last year due to concerns about shading and wind.


Cr Rohan Leppert told the council meeting that the amended application was an improvement.

“The new open public space above a parking lot isn’t great, and we would never encourage that, but that’s what we have,” he said.

Cr Leppert said the City of Melbourne’s open space contributions policy did not apply to Docklands, so the council was entirely dependent on Development Victoria “thinking civically” and negotiating good results.

“I hope the Minister will approve the changes to the plans for Waterfront City and that we can ensure that the open space on the site is not just open space for some residents, it is open space for all the world,” he said.


“Docklands is at its best when people can integrate seamlessly throughout the area and aren’t just boxed into neighborhoods that only look inward.”

Geoff Ward, constituency group leader for Development Victoria, said the government body supported the updated plan which would see development in the Waterfront City area go ahead.

“This project will help activate the precinct over the next 10 to 20 years and create jobs, new housing and encourage more people to return to Docklands,” he said.

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