RBA set to impose another rate hike; 162nd Melbourne Cup underway; voters divided on wage reform; Iran steps up crackdown on women’s rights activists


To announce the news now, and the Victorian government will enter caretaker mode from 6pm (AEDT) ahead of this month’s election.

It comes as the Deputy Premier of Victoria says she is not worried about the number of undecided voters. A recent poll revealed that 27% of voters had not made a decision.

Victorian Deputy Prime Minister Jacinta Allan.Credit:Justin McManus

Jacinta Allan told the ABC RN breakfast that Victorian Labor is focusing on growing the economy, supporting teachers and nurses and building infrastructure projects.

“A lot of people hold their decision formally until they get closer to the day, so it’s probably not that surprising, and I’m sure we’ll see that number go down,” she said.

The Deputy Prime Minister was also asked about Visit Victoria’s decision to sponsor Netball Australia despite the state’s $9.7billion deficit.

“I think it’s a great investment,” she said.

ABC presenter Patricia Karvelas explained to the Deputy Prime Minister why the government chose to intervene on the matter after Gina Rinehart withdrew her $15million sponsorship deal with Netball Australia.

Here is the response from the Labor frontbencher:

The visitor economy is a big part of the Victorian community and way of life and is a big supporter of employment. And diamonds are our global [netball] team, having them proudly display the Victorian logo and Victorian branding showcasing Victoria to the world and in turn continuing to support jobs in this very important part of our economy.

And regarding the question you asked about [budget] numbers that came out yesterday…we’re on track to be back to surplus in three years. We’ve had a very big job to do over the past few years where we’ve had to make sure that, during the most difficult times of the pandemic, Victorian businesses and households were supported.


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