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Last month, Regional Development Australia released its summary of our regional workforce growth review, highlighting some key issues in the area of ​​workforce growth.

The eight branches of Regional Development Australia in South Australia have collaborated to commission a research paper that examines the key and complex barriers that limit the availability of a skilled workforce for the South Australia region.

It is a comprehensive review and documentation of existing research, case studies and interviews with stakeholders.

In addition to the full research document, a position paper was prepared providing a list of the top five recommendations.

  1. Increase in housing supply to cope with the shortage of available housing
  2. Preparation for employment path
  3. Regional labor resources
  4. Increased capacity and capacity of the company’s human resources, including employer-of-choice programs
  5. Reform of the migration program.

Kelly-Anne Saffin, managing director of the Yorke & Mid North Region RDA, said the housing supply and increased need for inbound workers are particularly important for the Upper Spencer Gulf region.

“Potentially the most important thing to note, the supply of housing, and in particular the supply of rental housing, has tightened considerably over the past twelve months. “

“What we can see from the first data from the Australian Regional Institute is that people are not leaving the regions as much as they were before, and people are moving to the region. “

“In the last six months we have spoken to over 300 companies, many do not advertise positions because advertisements are not being responded to and they are using other methodologies.”

“We are seeing similar trends in the three major cities in the region, Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Whyalla.”

You can find the full report and position paper online on the Regional Development website at https://www.rda.gov.au/news-and-media



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