Port Fairy couple Stéphane Nguyen and Kate Blenkiron’s Académie de cuisine française go viral | The standard



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After falling in love with the city’s French seaside vibe, Paris-born Port Fairy resident Stéphane teaches half a million followers how to prepare authentic meals using local produce. “I am passionate about surfing and Port Fairy reminded me of Biarritz which is a seaside town in France,” said Mr. Nguyen. “At first it was new to come to Australia, but after a while I realized that I couldn’t really find a good place to have my croissant or my baguette – my special meals.†I have started to realize if I wanted the old world cuisine of France like an authentic coq au vin, a soufflé or a good slice of pâté, I had to make it myself. , by engaging with local food producers and by creating their in-store course, the “French Cooking Academyâ€. IN OTHER NEWS: Self-taught, Mr. Nguyen aimed to demystify cooking. “I discovered that a lot of anglophones wanted to learn to speak French. the food, but there weren’t a lot of resources on how to prepare good recipes in French with someone who speaks English, â€he said. “It was a laugh at first, but it was really well received. Soon after, it started to reach 100,000 subscribers. “But he said moving to the area certainly had its challenges.†When we originally moved we knew there would be a lot of fresh produce and we had our vision of what it would be, â€â€œ But when we arrived it was much more difficult than we thought as there were actually only a few supermarkets and it was difficult to get ingredients which were scarce. “The quality is great, but you have to do your homework. We are scouring the West District to get the best ingredients. We also grow our own plants like herbs and vegetables and simply work with the seasons. With the success of their Youtube channel and cooking academy, the couple said they are now looking to establish a brick and mortar culinary school in the future. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:




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