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The Academy is for women in small businesses. Its mission is to reach 1 million women by 2030 through a subscription and scholarship model.

– Nicole van Hattem

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, October 13, 2021 / – The belief of an Australian businesswoman that supporting business women will change the world comes true with the launch of the Hot & Healthy Academy and its online conference.

Founder Nicole van Hattem says women who run profitable small businesses and lead healthier lives create more stable communities, richer economies and a better world. Recognizing the critical need for affordable, practical and accessible coaching and training for women, she created the online support and education platform.

“Amidst all the chaos and confusion of the past two years, many businesswomen have faced financial challenges, overwhelm and isolation. The Hot & Healthy Academy is a supportive community needed to be successful in tough times, and will provide training and support for businesswomen, â€she said.

“The Academy is for women in small businesses. Its mission is to reach 1 million women by 2030 through a membership and scholarship model that brings together a wide range of women business owners and entrepreneurs to share what works and what doesn’t.

The positive work undertaken by Nicole caught the attention of Facebook Australia. “They saw the positive work Hot & Healthy is doing to support an online community of women and are committed to supporting by fully funding 20 one-year scholarships for women at the Academy,†said Nicole.

Throughout October, the Academy is hosting an online symposium to bring together experts from a variety of fields to inspire women in small businesses to move from survival to thriving in all aspects of their lives during the pandemic.

“The symposium will share strategies and ideas to help women business owners and entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of juggling business and life during the pandemic without burning out,†said Nicole.

“There are six sessions designed to help women master each pillar of success, including finance, sales and marketing, physical health, mindset and emotional well-being, image of brand and trading systems. “

The symposium brings together experts who know how to make juggling work.

“It’s training that won’t cost a fortune in time or money. This is the training they need now more than ever if they are to move from survival to prosperity in the pandemic business environment, â€said Nicole.

“The guest speakers at the Symposium understand the challenges of sustaining a small business and even thriving in tough times, because they do it. They will share what really works for them and what doesn’t and the business, mental health and wellness strategies that make them resilient, finding ways to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities this environment offers. current commercial.

Speakers include:
Dr Marcia Becherel – Creator of NEI MethodTM (Neuro Emotional Integration Method) and CEO of Mastery to Success.
Mirusia Louwerse – Australian Soprano and “Angel of Australia”
Renee Bailey – Clinical Nutritionist and Director of Defining Health
Katrina Puranik – Founder, Director and Web Presence Specialist at Ranking Australia
Krystle Divertie – Intelligent Systems Coach
Melissa Meagher – Silver Coach and Founder of Talking Money
Kay Ridge – Social Media and Marketing Advisor, and DashSocial Creator and Solver
Rachel Dunn – Founder of The Girl Director & Best-selling Author of Better Videos
Mike Williams – Paid Advertising Specialist and Founder of EightySix Digital
Cate McMahon – Managing Director at Wise Point
Elizabeth Zielinski – Creative Director and Founder of Styled By Elizabeth
Penelope Twemlow – Founder and President of Women in Power
Josie Thomson – Cancer Survivor and CEO of Wise Advocate Enterprises
Kathi Tait – Founder of the Baldwarrior movement
Jo Stevens – Mindfulness & Mindful Movement Coach and Founder of The Zen Zone.
Karen Jacobsen – The GPS Girl & award-winning singer and songwriter
Megan Dalla-Camina – Founder and CEO of Women Rising
Annette Densham – The Audacious Agency
Brittany Baldwin – Sales Trainer and Founder of TikTok Sales
Amanda Lowry – Branding Strategist
Amanda Reboul – La Diva Bulle
Aliya Amtul Kareem – Mentor & Project Manager

Nicole wants women in small businesses to know that they are not alone. “If they feel isolated, overwhelmed, or faced with challenges in their business, there is a supportive community of like-minded women and experts that they can tap into to help them not only survive but thrive,” she declared.

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