NSW’s COVID Cases Rise, Victoria’s COVID Cases Rise, Sydney Lockdown Restrictions Tighten, Victoria Lockdown Continues, Sydney LGAs Under Curfew



Education and Youth Minister Alan Tudge has signaled possible changes in child care payments during closures.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Tudge said the government was reviewing the current structure of the child care subsidy and parent support.

“We have a particular model at the moment… and I’m taking a look at it especially in light of the fact that Victoria and NSW have now issued guidelines not to send your child to school, that is so an ongoing conversation that I have with the sector and with state and territory jurisdictions, ”he said.

Minister of Education and Youth Alan TudgeCredit:Alex Ellinghausen

He added that there had been changes to the program and assistance programs during the COVID-19 crisis, but acknowledged that it was still difficult for families.

“It’s almost impossible for parents,” Mr. Tehan said, adding that he had a 5-year-old son.

“I am absolutely sorry for the parents of young children who cannot bring their child to daycare,” he said.

He acknowledged that it is difficult for working parents to continue to do their homework while looking after their child.


Meanwhile, Mr Tudge also lobbied state and territory leaders to open when the public reaches a high level of immunization.

“I hope, and I think the public has an absolute expectation that these prime ministers will honor what they have agreed to,” he said.

However, Labor MP Michelle Rowland also spoke to Sky News this morning and criticized the Prime Minister’s post on vaccinations.

“One minute he talks about the importance of looking at the number of cases, the next minute he says they’re not important,” she said. “It’s just driving people crazy.”



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