NSW Year 12 pupils receive ATARs after disrupted school year


Despite feeling nervous all week as HSC results day loomed, Northern Beaches student Ruby Abercromby slept through this morning.

“As soon as I woke up I saw my results. My friends were blowing up my phone waiting for me to wake up,” she said. “I was so relieved, I was also very happy to my grade in math.”

Ruby Abercromby earned an ATAR of 95.3.Credit:

Ruby received an ATAR of 95.30, which will be enough to earn her a place on the University of Sydney’s undergraduate program studying politics and international relations.

It was a bittersweet result for the Pittwater High student, who had a tougher year than most after losing his father to a sudden heart attack in April.

“It happened about a month before our trial exams, it was really difficult. But if I didn’t do my best, it wouldn’t be good. I knew my father really wouldn’t want me to finish not high school. That was the only thing I was at: you really have to do this,” she said.

“I had to do my best for him, and also for me, so that something good would happen at the end of the year.”

She said the support of her mother and younger brother, who both know how much school means to her, was key in getting her through. They’re all going out to dinner tonight to celebrate.

“It’s really exciting, and it’s worth it, because it wasn’t easy. [Mum] kinda torn,” Ruby said.

“I think [dad] would have been proud. We always had a joke, that until I finished high school, he would be the smartest in the family. So let’s go.


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