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Marshall’s Liberal Government’s new Student Pathways website will make it easier for Grades 7 to 12 students to discover the career opportunities they want, related to their interests, right here in South Australia.

This is the first website dedicated to student pathways in South Australia and contains a range of features that allow students to record their main accomplishments and experiences, supported by a tool that automatically generates an editable CV for review. ” enter the labor market.

The website offers a wide range of content sourced directly from industry and also allows students to identify school-based learning and internship opportunities, work experience, and other career exploration activities.

Education Minister John Gardner said today’s launch was an important step in modernizing vocational education and the way vocational education and training is delivered in schools.

“As Grade 7 enters high school next year, this website has come at the perfect time to help students think about their careers early on in their high school journey, when they begin to clarify their passions and ideas. interests, â€said the minister. Gardner.

“This website is one of the key platforms for our VET policy for students, which aims to help our young people make the most of the opportunities offered by Australia’s growing and transforming economy. -Southern.

“It’s packed with features that will make it easier for young people to identify a career path of their choice and access the opportunities that will help them get there.

“It will also help students discover career opportunities that they may not even have heard of, but that match their interests and skills.

“This will have a major impact in helping young people understand how their interests and passions in school can be transformed into meaningful careers after graduation.”

Minister Gardner said the website is also the key tool that helps students meet the World of Work (WOW) challenge, which encourages young people to participate in 100 hours of exposure at work to help them decide to their future career.

“The website offers virtual work experience, industry challenges and more to help them achieve 100 working hours,†said Minister Gardner.

“Students will use the website to record their professional engagement activities related to WOW and other relevant experiences. “

In the wake of the creation of 26 Industry-Approved Flexible Industry Paths (FIPs), the website offers an interactive tool for students to view the study and career opportunities available through FIPs.

Minister Gardner said momentum is building behind the new FIP approach which restores the value and true purpose of VET pathways.

“We have worked extremely hard with industry bodies to raise the profile of VET in schools and ensure that VET pathways lead to more meaningful professional outcomes,†said Minister Gardner.

“The website is a showcase for FIPs and students should definitely take a look.

“Each PIF has been designed with industry so that students can walk the path with the confidence that employment opportunities will be there if they work.”

The Student Pathways website can be found at



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