New grant to fund additional career development staff for student success

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Students at Fulbright College and the College of Education and Health Professions will soon have the opportunity to work with two new career development staff, thanks to a new grant.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Students at Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and College of Education and Health Professions will soon have more connections with employers in Northwest Arkansas and around the world.

With the help of a $ 556,906 grant from the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation, the University of Arkansas Career Development Center will add two new positions to help undergraduate and graduate students in both colleges, expanding the centre’s efforts to create more comprehensive career services.

“By the simple fact of its geographic location, the University of Arkansas is a leader in the community and an important recruiting pool for local businesses and organizations,” said Angela Williams, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of the Career Development Center. “When U of A graduates stay in Northwest Arkansas or Arkansas for work, it has a huge economic impact on the community, resulting in everything from real estate to research to through hotels and health care. It is imperative that positions exist on the U of A campus that facilitate conversations between local and regional employers and faculty, staff and students within each college.

With over 8,700 students, Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences welcomes more students than any other college on campus and represents the greatest variation in study plans.

The grant will allow the college to add to the programming already in place by hiring an associate director of employer relations and vocational training and proposing topics for new and expanded programs – such as emerging careers, professionalism in workplace, entrepreneurship and the economy concert, industry networking, capitalization on industry trends and career planning and preparation.

“The support to expand our career services is an incredible gift, as these types of roles, programs and opportunities have the potential to positively affect our students, graduates and our economy for generations to come,” said Todd Shields, Dean of Fulbright College. “What a wonderful way to improve the future for all of our communities in Northwest Arkansas and Arkansas and beyond. “

Likewise, the College of Education and Health Professions, which has more than 5,400 students, will also have the opportunity to hire its first Director of Employer Relations to assist in its career development efforts. .

The college, which is the third largest in the university, includes students who rely heavily on experiential learning and employer relationships as part of their preparation for career success after graduation. .

New programs that can potentially be offered include researching target markets, health-related career options in Northwest Arkansas, grant writing and fundraising, starting a business, new opportunities through technology, a growth mindset and alternatives to the traditional, investment and modernization, employment and internship research and policy initiatives and trends.

The creation of a Director of Employer Relations position will also provide a single point of contact for local and regional businesses hoping to recruit and hire U of A students from the college.

Brian Primack, Dean of the College of Education and Health Professions, said, “We are delighted that this grant increases the success of our students and local employers. Our college is community driven. As a Home of the Care Professions, this grant will directly connect our graduates to opportunities that benefit the Northwest Arkansas region. “

Williams said, “We are very grateful to Dean Todd Shields and Dean Brian Primack for their partnership and collaboration on this grant. This will create more meaningful career links for students at their colleges. “

In Spring 2022, the new Student Success Center will open with offices for pedagogical advisors and college success advisors, so the addition of these new career development opportunities will further highlight the robust services available to all. students of the U of A.

About the University of Arkansas: As Arkansas’ flagship institution, the U of A offers internationally competitive education in over 200 academic programs. Founded in 1871, the U of A contributes more than $ 2.2 billion to the Arkansas economy through the teaching of new knowledge and skills, entrepreneurship and job development, discovery through research and creative activity while providing training in professional disciplines. The Carnegie Foundation ranks the U of A among the top 3% of US colleges and universities with the highest level of research activity. American News and World Report ranks the U of A among the best public universities in the country. Find out how the U of A is working to build a better world on Arkansas Research News.


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