Ms. Cossack creates Infowars Australia


He feels these things deeply. One can only imagine his feelings last December when an Australian company, Infowars Limited, was incorporated.

Documents filed by ASIC show that the main shareholder, with 40%, was Ekaterina Olshannikovathe 27 year old Russian wife of Simeon Boykovwho calls himself the Australian Cossack.

Infowars Australia has no apparent connection to Jones’ US outfit. Maybe they just liked the name.

Boikov, 32, has made a name for himself for his vehemently pro-Putin stance, rallying anti-vaxxers, penchant for fun hats and fancy dress with fellow Cossacks, and playing the piano accordion.

Boikov produces a publication in the Russian language, Frontier Newsand rails against mainstream media such as Nine’s A topical matter (Nine also owns the Financial analysis), whom he has repeatedly accused of being an “accomplice” to fake news in a profile of him in march.

Boikov’s journalistic efforts have been on hiatus since May 16 as he serves a six-month prison sentence for broadcasting the withheld name of a person facing child abuse charges. Olshannikova recounts her experiences in prison for the vlog.

It’s a lot of work to manage her husband’s channels on TikTok, Telegram, Facebook and YouTube. Perhaps that is why Olshannikova resigned from the Infowars board on July 13.

She’s come a long way since Boikov’s Australia Day video when he introduced his followers to “Mrs Cossack.” His only comment: “Yeah, we have to set up derivatives.”

It means to sell goods. It’s the money shot. Alex Jones would be proud.


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