Ladson-Billings of UW-Madison elected member of the British Academy



July 23, 2021

The British Academy elected 84 new fellows in recognition of their outstanding contributions to SHAPE subjects – social sciences, humanities and the arts.

And among this year’s cohort of new fellows is UW-Madison Gloria Ladson-Billings, professor emeritus at the School of Education which previously held the Kellner Family Distinguished Chair in Urban Education.


Ladson-Billings research examines the cultural foundations of teaching and learning that lead to improved education for the most marginalized students in schools. She also studies the critical applications of racial theory to education.

Ladson-Billings is the author of the critically acclaimed books, “The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children” and “Crossing Over to Canaan: The Journey of New Teachers in Diverse Classrooms”.

She was the first black woman to become a full professor at UW-Madison’s School of Education in 1995. In 2005-06, she served as president of the American Educational Research Association and, in November 2017, was elected for a term. four years as president of the National Academy of Education.

Ladson-Billings officially retired in 2018 after being a UW-Madison faculty member for over 26 years, but she remains very committed to important work. (For more on his remarkable career, check out this 2019 report university communications).

Founded in 1902, the British Academy is the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences. This is a scholarship of over 1,400 of the foremost minds in these fields from the UK and overseas.

Fifty-two fellows were elected from UK universities, with 29 other “corresponding fellows†– including Ladson-Billings – elected from universities in the United States, Australia, India, Russia, Italy, France, Singapore, Poland, China, Turkey and Germany, Canada, Sweden, Republic of Ireland and Hungary.

For more information, see this press release.



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