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Part of a package
With the Australian Grand Prix, Moto GP, Boxing Day Test, AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup and Australian Open, Melbourne has firmly established itself as the country’s sporting capital.

If you are not ready to protect what you fought so hard to win, there is always someone who will take it from you. Remove one or two events and the overall package is weakened.

Just look at the zeal shown by the prime ministers of other states when we couldn’t hold the grand finale. In addition, envious prime ministers constantly talk about how we should “share†these events.

The misguided glee shown at the end of this year’s GP suggests some people are focusing on one event, not the overall timeline. We should never take it for granted that we will always have these events.
Bruce Reid, Beaumaris

Voice of experience
It’s time to shock the naysayers and the apathetic to get ready for the jab.

I offer a series of televised interviews with hospital patients who tell us what it’s like to have the disease and their struggle to survive it.
Desmond Zwar, Beechworth

Not a good record
People who think along the lines suggested by your correspondent (“Why Many Left-wing Parents Go to Private Schoolsâ€, Letters, 9/7) should keep in mind that studies show the dropout rate of children from schools. private schools in the first year. of college is much higher than that of children in public schools.

If these parents who want the best for their children invest their time and energy in supporting their neighborhood public school, entire communities will benefit. And their children would thrive.

Trevor Cobbold, former Productivity Commission economist and current organizer of Save our Schools, has incredible supporting evidence on the SOS website that could reassure anyone but the most elite to trust their public school. local. I hope these people will check it out.
Susan Mahar, Fitzroy North

Here in the real world …
Your correspondent’s assertion that students in private schools free up resources for public schools (“Choosing not to be a burden on state coffers”, Letters, 9/7) would be great if it were. True, however, in the real world, taxpayer support for private schools comes at the expense of public education.
James Proctor, Maiden Gully

It’s time for him to go
Work must face the facts. The current government is on the nose with so much stuff, but the ALP under Anthony Albanese is not making any breakthrough in its popularity.

Mr Albanese and the ALP hierarchy must decide, is it “Albo’s turn” to win or lose, or to step back and let someone who can win the government show the way ? It is time for the ALP and Tanya Plibersek to intervene.
Struan Leeson, Doncaster East

Give up ideology
Is there any hope that among the COVID-19 challenges Sydney is currently facing, there will be a revival of the ‘we’re all in the same boat’ idea from the first half of last year? The creation of “Dictator Dan” in Victoria versus the “gold standard” in the NSW frame has always been inaccurate, unnecessary and quickly became counterproductive.

COVID-19 in various forms will be with us for many years to come, and difficult public health and economic issues and decisions lie ahead of us all.

We live in an economy and a society, and the resolution to let go of ideology, posture and demagoguery on COVID-19 would be helpful.
Stewart Sweeney, Adelaide, SA

A benchmark review
Tony Wright, you did it again (“Sydney’s gold standard”, Age, 9/7).

He very succinctly summarized Sydney’s approach to its current situation. A critique of the gold standard of a situation less than the gold standard.
John Cummings, Anglesea

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