How Max Pircher, originally from northern Italy, became an NFL-caliber player



Thousand Oaks, CA-One of Max Pilcher’s high school classes started the most unlikely teaching moment.

He was watching an American football video during Dr. Matteo Bragini’s lesson and was caught. But instead of punishing Pilcher, Giants tight end Bolzano, who won the 2009 Italian Bowl, took him to the Svarco Raiders game in Innsbruck, Austria, to showcase the sport. I decided to do it.

“I think I was very lucky because he took me to the game. Without him I wouldn’t even know I had football (American football) at home, â€said northern Italy. Speaking during a videoconference with local and international media in early June.

With that experience, the Rams Pilcher offensive lineman began his career in professional football.

While with the Raiders, head coach Xuan Fata launched the “Rookie Mondaysâ€. This is an opportunity for players from other sports disciplines to be seen by his staff.

While playing handball, Pilcher fell into this category. He enjoyed the Svarco Raiders Bragini game so much that he decided to challenge the team at the age of 19.

In the same interview, Swarco’s offensive line coach Lee Roland, who coached Fatah in NFL Europe, told Esme that the pilcher’s height was immediately noticeable, but wanted to see him run. .. The latter showed Roland that Pilcher had excellent handling, so they did individual and positional training as Roland trained him on a daily basis.

At this point, Fata said they were not thinking about the NFL. They wanted Pilcher to come back next Monday. Because when it comes to the best athletes in Europe who participate in these trainings, they may not come back.

Fortunately, Pircher did.

“I saw what Lee saw, and obviously we prayed that he would come back to the program,†Fatah told Esme. “And after a while, we put it into the program.”

After a season with the Raiders, who helped the club win the Australian Football League championship, Pilcher was called up by the Italian national team to play two important games against Austria and Switzerland. The two victories allowed Italy to reach the semi-finals. European tournament of the International Federation of American Football. When Fatah and Roland were hired by the German Football League’s Hildesheim Invaders in the fall of 2019, they gave Pilcher a contract to play for the Invaders.

The work he accomplished by 2019 will be rewarded. While training for the 2020 season in Germany, I was contacted by James Cook of the NFL International Player Pathway program.

Founded in 2017 at the League’s London office, the NFL’s International Player Pathway program identifies potential NFL-caliber athletes in various amateur sports leagues around the world.

Sometimes they are amateur American football players. They could also be “cross-athletes” from other sports such as rugby and basketball, according to Cook, a London league staff member who supports the development of international football through the course program and the NFL Academy. There is. Former basketball player Samis Reyes of the Washington football team.

The 6 foot 7 1/2, 300 pound Pilcher fell into the first category and played at the highest level of Austrian American football in the Austrian Football League. He also came from a sports background playing football, which he grew up in addition to handball and other sports.

“All the sports that I have played have helped me a lot because my parents let me play sports since I was in kindergarten,†said Pilcher. “Swimming, mountaineering, all kinds of sports. I have skied a lot. Of course, football, handball. You can get something out of every sport. The most important thing that you get from every sport is your body. It’s a feeling of. Learn how your body works and which muscles to use. It helped me a lot. Handball work, hand and eye adjustment is definitely something that helps me. It all worked together and brought me here. “

Cook and his NFL colleagues agreed to see and agree with the type of NFL caliber athlete they were looking for.

“Because you have this very tall athlete who played sports like handball and who grew up, he has light legs, good hand-eye coordination, he’s an athlete, you don’t have much. sports, then find a guy that size, â€Cook said.

Pilcher was alive when he discovered it, but his collection of features and intangibles was projected positively and 11 people were selected to compete for the place in the 2021 NFL International Player Pathway program in January. I became one of the players.

“Extraordinary height, really raw developmental traits, natural strength,†Cook said. ” Do not mistake yourself. When we first find him he’s very cheeky and has something to work on, but when you go forward with a prospect like Max, you can learn a lot. You have to believe it, and luckily with it it has been, was and is now. He is still learning. But he is very leader and intelligent. Well at this point you have to be in your favor to catch up like Max. “

Once these players are selected for the program, they will be taken to the United States to stay from January through April to hone their skills or work with position coaches, strength and conditioning coaches at state-based training centers. -United. .. Chronology of University Perspectives.

For Pilcher, it took him to IMG Academy in Florida, where he trained with current and future NFL players. He and the 11 other caps on the program performed well in front of the NFL Scouts on University of Florida Pro Day.

Rams adds OL Max Pilcher to 90 lists thanks to International Player Pathway program

Cook said he and his colleagues communicated with the team throughout the process. All teams will receive a film from Pro Day and IMG Academy, as well as verified measurements recorded during Pro Day. When the team receives the film and data, it comes back to the IPP staff to rank the suggested leads.

“Are they going to discuss who is better?” Why are they right? Cook said. “And, of course, we will meet internally. Discuss who you think is right for you and work with your team to put players in the best possible position. Growing Up and the Team We also accept quality athletes who can grow, learn and contribute for them over the next three years. “

In that sense, Pilcher couldn’t have landed better than Rams.

Four of last year’s offensive lineman’s five Los Angeles starters were 16-year-old veteran left tackle Andrew Whitworth, 7-year-old veteran right tackle Rob Havenstein and 4th-year offensive lineman Austin Corbett. I’ll be back this season with offensive lineman David Edwards. Pilcher can also learn from new Rams offensive line coach Kevin Kerr Berry, who learned under one of the NFL’s top offensive line coaches from Bill Callahan.

“When I first started practicing here, I was very impressed with the way the vets treat newcomers,†said Pilcher. “They are very patient with us and tell us everything. If you find something that you can do better, they will tell you soon and it will take time. Rob Havenstein, Witt Worth, Cobbs, they all help us a lot And they take you and show you how you can improve these steps, so we do. I really appreciate it, and we know it’s not easy. “

Pilchers will remain on the Rams list until the end of training camp. At that time, he is eligible for an International Player Training Squad exemption and will provide LA with additional coaching squad members who are not eligible for activation this season.

There is a solid learning environment to help you grow as a player, even if you don’t see any action in the game this season.

Notable players who have passed the program and are currently on the NFL roster include Patriots fullback Jacob Johnson (Germany), Eagles offensive tackle Jordan Myrata (Australia) and Bills defensive end Epheobada (Australia) . United Kingdom) and so on. Their success paved the way for players like Pircher to have a chance.

If Pilcher and Rams both have a positive experience, it could help NFL International create more of these opportunities in the future.

NFL International COO Damani Reach told on Thursday that he is working to strengthen its scouting capabilities to lead more prospects to the top of the scoring funnel. They also want to make the annual international combine (first held in Australia in 2018, then Germany in 2019 and then the COVID-19 pandemic) a big part of the international calendar. I go.

“How do we get more players out there and finally more players out?” Reach said. “Currently, four players are assigned each year, which depends above all on the quality of the talents. When Rams acquired a player like Max, his first impression was, “Okay, here. Has talents that we can develop. “In one year we were able to assign eight players instead of four, and as we continue to develop that, one player per team each year. Can come and do. I do not know how. It’s doable, but we want to strive to improve and expand every step of the way. “

Pilcher, who said in May he was now at £ 315, is pushing to play his part. Right now, this year’s goal is to learn as much as possible from veteran Rams teammates and coaches, to be the best footballer possible, and at the same time to improve and strive to play the most. early as possible. Mentionned.

Training camp is the next step in showing him what he can do.

Rams coach Sean McVay said in a video call on June 4: “I heard something really good (about Pilcher). You can see your natural athletic movements and performance. “From a competitive point of view, when it comes to attack versus defense, training camps, as you say, are really the best opportunity to give Maximus a full grade, and (I) very happy. He has a good attitude towards himself. It’s probably best if he really likes the way he sees well and can actually physically see these guys competing with each other. I can’t wait to build a reputation for myself. He did a great job with Director Carbury. Coach (Nick) Jones and Coach (Zack) Cromer. “

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