Grade 3 math problem is blocking the internet



A math problem, intended for an eight-year-old, has left many adults in awe, who questioned the bizarre thought behind it.

A math problem intended for an eight-year-old has blocked the internet, with adults questioning the weird and original thought behind it.

The question, which is part of a third-grade child’s homework, was posted on the mildly infuriating Reddit community.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, many parents have been forced to help their children with homework even more than usual – with parent Reddit asking for help on the puzzling issue.

“Jared has found these chicks and has to take care of them,†said Problem, alongside a grainy black and white cartoon of birds in a nest.

“Each bird eats about four worms a day. To feed them all each day, approximately how many worms will Jared need to find? “

Reddit users scratched their heads with a joke, “I would circle ‘OJ’ for ‘Only Jared knows at this point.’

While the image only appeared to show three birds, the question seems to be people who think outside the box and ignore the cartoon, thinking of multiples of four instead.

And it is ultimately a mother with a child in the second year who “gave up some knowledge”.

“We know that Jared has to find worms in multiples of four, so since 20 is the only answer out of a multiple of four, we can also infer that Jared has found five chicks,” the user wrote. “My second grader is smart.”

Other users applauded each other for finally finding the right answer, but some still thought it was a trick question.

“Am I the only one who thinks it was a trick question since they don’t specify for how many days?” One user said.

A 1912 exam used in schools in Bullitt County, Kentucky, USA, was recently discovered. has answered some of the selected questions and created this quiz so you can see if you are smarter than a grade 8 student:

This is not the first time that children’s homework has blocked the Internet.

In 2018, mom Angie Werner took to the internet for help after daughter Ayla came home from school with a particularly tricky math problem to solve.

“There are 49 dogs registered to participate in the dog show,†the question began.

“There are 36 more small dogs than the large dogs entered to compete. How many small dogs are registered to compete? “

After the Facebook group she asked for help was also left confused, Angie finally revealed the answer after asking the teacher.

The answer oddly, despite being dogs, was 42.5.

For those interested in how the solution is reached, the calculation was: 49-36 = 13. 13/2 = 6.5. 36 + 6.5 = 42.5.



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