Government must now respond to ACCC call to regulate Google’s advertising power



The federal government should act urgently to implement the recommendations of a new ACCC report on Google’s monopoly dominance in advertising.

The Australian Institute’s Center for Responsible Technology said understanding and regulating Google’s hidden power to collect and combine user data from multiple sources is a critical part of solving the broader big tech power issues.

In particular, the government should act urgently to:

  • require Google to be transparent in the way it collects and uses consumer data to target advertising
  • impose “goal limitations” on Google’s ability to collect data from multiple sources, including search, geo-locations, and email

“This report calls for a ceasefire in the data arms race that has seen Google dominate online advertising to the detriment of other market players and consumers,” said Peter Lewis, director of the Center for Responsible Technology from the Australian Institute.

“Coupled with the upcoming privacy review, which we hope will take serious action to strengthen citizens’ rights around their data, this report has the potential to make a significant difference in the way Google operates in Australia.

“By implementing the ACCC News Media Bargaining Code, the Morrison government has taken major steps to secure public interest journalism in the face of the monopoly power of Google and Facebook.

“This government needs to show the same level of commitment to ensure that these tech giants do not exercise monopoly power because of their size.”

The final report of the ACCC Digital Advertising Services Survey is available here.

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