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Roger Hutton has resigned as President of Yorkshire due to the club’s response to the racism to which Azeem Rafiq was subjected during his time in the county.

The England and Wales Cricket Council (ECB) on Thursday suspended Yorkshire from hosting international and major matches in response to the club’s ‘completely unacceptable’ handling of Rafiq’s racism allegations regarding racism institutional in Yorkshire.

An independent report confirmed that the spinner had been the victim of “racial harassment and intimidation”.

Yorkshire said last week the club had conducted its own internal investigation following the report’s findings and concluded that no conduct or action taken by any of its employees, players or officers warranted disciplinary action.

Hutton resigned on Friday after coming under increasing pressure and apologized wholeheartedly to Rafiq, saying the club should have recognized the serious allegations of racism at the time.

The outgoing president, who joined the club in April 2020 after spinner Azeem left, says he has experienced a “culture that refuses to accept change or challenge” during his time at the club.

Hutton revealed that other non-executive board members had also resigned and he called on executive board members to step down ahead of an emergency board meeting in Yorkshire on Friday.

He said in a statement released to ESPNcricinfo: “For much of my time at the club, I have experienced a culture that refuses to accept change or challenge.

“There has been a constant reluctance on the part of the executive board and senior management of the club to apologize and accept racism and look to the future.

“The non-executive board members, some of whom have also resigned. I now call for the resignation of these executive board members, to make way for a new path for the club I love so much.

“I’m sorry we were unable to persuade the executive board members to recognize the gravity of the situation and to show care and contrition. I remain disappointed that legal restrictions including a court work in progress, have prevented the publication of the investigation report and looked forward to the time when everyone can see its recommendations.I hope it will be published as soon as possible.

“Azeem left the club in August 2018, 18 months before I joined him. I have never met Azeem. I do know, however, that when someone makes such serious complaints as his, he must be the subject of investigation and changes need to be made. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize wholeheartedly to Azeem. The club should have recognized the serious allegations of racism at the time. “

Hutton also took aim at the ECB, saying the governing body had not supported Yorkshire in handling the case.

“I want to be clear that when I learned of Azeem Rafiq’s allegations, I immediately contacted the ECB to ask for their help and intervention to support a solid investigation,

“I was saddened when they refused to help as I felt this was a matter of great importance to the game as a whole. It is common knowledge that I have continually expressed my frustration at the reluctance of the ECB to act. “

Gary Ballance has also been indefinitely suspended from international selection after the former England drummer admitted he was responsible for some of the offensive and inappropriate language Rafiq was subjected to when they were Yorkshire team-mates.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan revealed on Thursday he was named in the Yorkshire Rafiq report but “totally denies any allegation of racism”.

The ECB board met on Thursday and pledged to hold Yorkshire to account, ordering the club to handle the issue ‘harshly’, saying it is clear there are ‘serious questions »Concerning the governance and management of the club.

Rafiq and Hutton are due to appear before the select committee of the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports to testify on November 16.

The Emerald publishing house and Nike are among the sponsors that Yorkshire lost due to their handling of the Rafiq affair.



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