Elementary math question is blocking the internet



A mother who struggled with her son’s math question turned to the internet for help – but the question also left a man with a doctorate in math confused.

A mother asked for help with math homework from her seven-year-old son after it completely baffled her – and a professor with a doctorate in math.

The woman shared a snapshot of her seven-year-old’s homework with a popular Facebook group dedicated to foreclosure advice, after it left her scratching her head.

In the post, the mother said homework has never been so difficult before, which is why she turned to the internet for help, reports The Sun.

Along with an overview of the problem, she wrote, “I hate homework. Please help me !”

“Is the answer to a) and b) the same or did I miss something? ”

The tricky question is, “Karla says, ‘I have three cents tokens, 17 tens tokens, and 16 units tokens.

“A) Can she make two numbers equal to three digits? If so, draw the pawns to show them.

“B) Can she make two numbers equal to three digits if she were to use up all her counters? If so, draw the pawns to show them.

While it may seem simple, many people have claimed that they also couldn’t find the answer.

Commenting on the problem, one person said, “I have a PhD in Mathematics and have no idea what this question calls for.

“Unless there is a diagram to go with it, or more explanation elsewhere.”

Someone else asked, “What age is this assignment for?” “

A third wrote: “Clearly not for a 40-year-old woman, I’m lost.

While another added: “I’m 45 and can’t get away with it lol.”

Teresa confirmed to the Sun that they got it right at the end, sharing a snapshot of the response, which she wrote as 172 for a and 243 for b.

She said, “I did it and the teacher marked it as correct!” I certainly didn’t expect it to be that difficult.

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