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FEDERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN: DAY 18 THE LEADERS CAMPAIGNED * Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Cairns (Leichhardt) * Labor Leader Anthony Albanese: COVID isolation at his home in Sydney. Labor frontbenchers campaigned in Sydney (Banks). WHAT THE COALITION WANTED TO TALK ABOUT * Staying the course with a Liberal-National government despite the economic challenges looming after the annual inflation rate jumped to 5.1%. * Their one-off cost-of-living support measures are hitting bank accounts this week. * A $24 million campaign pledge for the ongoing modernization of the Cairns Marine Maintenance Precinct. * New projects worth $56.2 million to improve road safety for freight carriers in the regions. WHAT LABOR WANTED TO TALK ABOUT * The Liberal-National coalition’s responsibility for the rising cost of living after nine years in power. * Strengthen Australia’s relationship with the Pacific through their plan to combine defence, strategic, diplomatic and economic power to reassure the region that it can rely on Australia. * The Labor Party’s childcare policy aims to reduce financial pressures on families and save the average family $1,600 a year. WHAT MADE THE NEWS: * A national leader, Pauline Hanson, has indicated that her party would prefer Labor to the Liberals in key seats. Senator Hanson has accused the government of making a ‘dirty deal with the devil’ by telling voters to favor the Jacquie Lambie Network in the Tasmanian Senate race ahead of One Nation. * InStyle magazine has published an interview with Mr Albanese by former Australian of the Year Grace Tame. * Prime Minister Scott Morrison has dismissed comparisons between himself and former Prime Minister John Howard, who lost an election that coincided with an interest rate hike. WHAT THEY SAID: “I love the smell of rotten kangaroo in the morning.” – Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce during his campaign in the Queensland seats of Blair and Longman. “The next time you go to Woolies or Coles and drag your goods and hear the beep, beep, beep – the ringing in your ears will be Scott Morrison: not my fault, not my fault, not my fault. ” — Labor campaign spokesman Jason Clare on high grocery prices due to rising inflation. TWEETED: “This guy is smart. Everyone should listen to him. He loves economic opportunity and decarbonisation. He’s interested in building Australia’s clean industrial future…” – Liberal MP Tim Wilson, who made the comment while retweeting his own interview on The Project. Australian Associated Press



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