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Grab your leather jacket and super blackout sunglasses, because Christmas is coming a little earlier this year with Matrix resurrections fall tomorrow.

look Matrix resurrections official trailer Right here

The trailer for the film swings between the digital world of the Matrix and the post-apocalyptic world, with old footage from previous films intertwined, paying homage to the franchise’s legacy. Despite the deaths of Neo and Trinity in the third film, in the Matrix revolutions, trailer, the two characters reunite and rediscover the truth about The Matrix.

Video: If you ran into an issue in The Matrix and missed the trailer, watch the clip below to make up for it.

Australian release date

Matrix resurrections will be in Australian theaters on December 26, 2021

Since Matrix revolutions was released in 2003, rumors were circulating about a fourth film, filmmaker Lana Wachowski admitted at the Berlin International Literature Festival earlier this year. However, for years, when approached by fans, Wachowski dismissed rumors of a sequel, insisting the film’s story was over.

The Wachowski siblings speaking at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

But in 2019, Wachowski changed his mind with the passing of his parents and a close friend, prompting him to make another Matrix movie. After a sleepless night and unable to cope with her grief, Wachowski felt that if she couldn’t reunite with her parents in her life, she might instead have Neo and Trinity in her life.

Wachowski teamed up with David Mitchell and Aleksander Hemonto, who previously collaborated on the “Sense8” series finale, to write Matrix resurrections screenplay, with Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures and Venus Castina Productions signing up to serve as production companies for the blockbuster.

Warner Bros Studios boss Toby Emmerich said Variety in 2019, “We couldn’t be more excited to return to The Matrix with Lana.

“Lana is a true visionary – a unique and original creative filmmaker – and we are delighted that she is writing, directing and producing this new chapter of The Matrix. universe.”

Matrix central star Kenau Reeves admitted Wachowski was the main reason he was drawn to reprise his role in Matrix resurrections.

“Lana Wachowski wrote a beautiful screenplay and a wonderful story that resonated with me. This is the only reason to do so.

The casting

Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada-Pinkett Smith reprise the roles that made them famous and are joined by newcomers including Jonathan Groff as new Agent Smith, Jessica Henwick as Bugs, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ricci, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II replacing Laurence Fishbourne as Morpheus and many more.

Lana Wachowski is also returning as the director of the latest Matrix film; however, his sister Lily is not involved in the project.

What critics and critics say

And yet Matrix resurrections or ‘Project Ice Cream’ – if you’re a die-hard fan this is one of the biggest films of this year, early reactions on social media have been extremely mixed, with some applauding the fourth installment while others can it directly.

Consequence writer and editor-in-chief Liz Shannon Miller took to Twitter to share her thoughts on The Matrix’s latest installment.

THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS is a total blast. Weird, romantic, * extremely. * Meta, and still funny. I sort of loved it.

Chris Evangelista

TheMatrixResurrections is the 22nd JUMP STREET of the Matrix sequels. It’s a high octane merry-go-round that’s brazenly meta, very violent, and, at its heart, has a beautifully romantic plot.

Rendy jones

Meanwhile, others didn’t like the new movie.

#TheMatrixResurrections was a disappointment. Cool visuals and a handful of interesting ideas that expand the Matrix universe. But the film’s lack of stakes is deadly, and even worse, its plot detracts from what has been accomplished in the OG trilogy. A huge missed opportunity.

David Chen

Although The Matrix ResurrectionIts received mixed reviews, this isn’t the first time the film has called into question. Wachowski manager Lawrence Mattis said The New Yorker that when the original script for “The Matrix” was written by the Wachowski sisters in 1994, “Nobody got it.” The cyberpunk sci-fi film that explored simulation was ahead of its time; Mattis admitted, “Everyone read the script and passed it.

Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving in the 1999 movie “The Matrix”

“To this day, I think Warner Bros. bought it half out of the relationship with them and half because they thought there was something there.”

But with over $ 3 billion in revenue and four Oscars later, it’s safe to say they made the right decision.

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