Australia: half a million students return to school after months of home learning



Sydney: As of October 25, all students in the Australian state of New South Wales have returned to their classrooms after nearly four months of online home learning. The latest leg of the return to class has seen more than 5,000,000 students in grades 2 to 11 as of Monday, according to reports.

“The majority of students returning today have not been to class since the end of the second term and it is fantastic that they are back where the best learning is happening,” the Prime Minister said. New South Wales, Dominic Perrottet.

While the South Wales government has highlighted the move as an important step towards normalcy, it has also acknowledged the potential lingering effects the extended period of foreclosure and home learning may have had on children. Part of that recognition comes in the form of special considerations and support for Grade 12 students preparing for their graduation exams, which are expected to start from November 9.

Last week, the government of New South Wales announced AU $ 250, or US $ 190 in thank you vouchers for parents of school-aged children, who have had to shoulder the burden additional home schooling during the state lockdown.

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