Australia becomes less favorable for Indian students: Survey



Almost 81% of students still aspire to study abroad while 19% of students have delayed or given up on the idea of ​​education abroad, according to research conducted by The WorldGrad, a consultancy platform technological. Canada emerged as the top choice for students with 50 percent of respondents wanting to study in Canada because of the easy immigration possibilities. Followed by the United States (40%), the United Kingdom and Australia. Australia has become the least preferred destination, as inflows from India fell from 80,000 in 2019 to less than 40,000 in 2021, according to the study.

The consulting firm surveyed more than 20,000 undergraduate aspirants to gather information about their study abroad plans after Covid. The survey also gathered information about their obstacles and difficulties.

Deferred plans

Almost 95% of students believe that after vaccination they can travel abroad, and 75% of those who delayed plans said financial constraints were a big factor. A large majority (76%) are either still researching their options. or in the process of applying. This is again due to significant delays in school board results due to which students were unable to start the fall term at foreign universities and will likely be leaving early next year.

Following the results of the investigation, co-founder Abhinav Mital said: “It was quite important that the Covid-19 pandemic might not be in favor of students who want to study abroad, but I’m really inspired by the stats we got. the survey which clearly shows that many students did not let crises affect their dreams and still want to pursue their projects. ”



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