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We are warned: buy early or risk being disappointed. Between the chaos of the supply chain, local delivery issues and the ongoing pandemic, getting your year-end gifts in order is going to take a little extra planning in 2021.

So we’ve put together a list – of local, sustainable, social, or just plain delicious gift ideas – and double-checked it, to create Guardian Australia’s biggest gift guide yet.

We did not do it alone. We asked five guest editors, each with their own areas of expertise, to contribute ideas.

Shannon Wong Nizic: When not in the parental trenches, Shannon is an elementary school teacher with over a decade of experience at all ages and stages. While on maternity leave with her firstborn, Shannon started the Oh Creative Day blog where she celebrates her super power of pairing picture books with creative projects. She selected gifts for children, from babies to high school.

Dr Michelle Wong: Cosmetic chemist and science teacher, Michelle shatters beauty myths with her blog Lab Muffin. She explores the science behind makeup and skin care and has selected grooming gifts according to her evidence-based approach.

Rhys ripper: The Creative Director and Stylist runs his own men’s fashion magazine, Cobber, and works as Creative Director of Kin – a Kinaway pilot program to support First Nations fashion and circular textiles made locally in Melbourne. When it comes to gifts, he focuses on the stories behind the items and has selected a thoughtful range of fashion, design and housewares, with interesting designers in mind.

Alice zaslavski: In Praise of Veg author, recipe writer, culinary assistant and, okay, also alum of MasterChef Australia, Alice has mined her kitchen to curate a selection of local cookware for everyone from obsessive home cooks. to novices.

Max Brearley: 2021 has been a bumper year for Australian cookbooks, and the food journalist has scrutinized them all to pick the best of the bunch.

Some of our guest editors will be sharing their gift philosophies in the coming weeks. And, if you’ve missed Australia Post’s all-important shipping deadline this year, fear not. We’ve updated the gift guide with over 30 extra last minute gifts you can give until Christmas morning.

How to navigate

First and foremost, you can filter based on price. Just use the slider at the top of the guide to set your budget before you navigate.

If you are looking for a last minute gift, use the last minute to fall over.

You can also filter our gifts by guest editor, to see the choices of a particular editor. For gifts for children we’ve grouped the articles by age – from babies to overly picky teens. To filter for gifts only for children, choose “adults” from the drop-down menu for children.

If you are looking for a particular type of gift, you can browse by What’s the point – choose “read†for books, “consume†for food and drink, “relax†for gifts aimed at de-stressing, “wear†for clothing and beauty and, for art and household items, choose “watch” (although most freebies are good for this).

Finally, if you know who you are buying but not what they want, browse by who is it for. From cranky to adventurers, we’ve also selected based on the mood of the recipient.



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