ACT The Greens unveil the candidates for the federal elections



The ACT Greens announced their full slate of federal election candidates earlier this week. Accountants, environmental scientists and librarians join environmentalist Tim Hollo and indigenous scholar Dr. Tjanara Goreng Goreng. The Greens say they opt for diversity to represent Canberra’s progressive community.

Catherine savery

Accountant, artist and small business owner Kathryn Savery will run for Bean seat (held by Labor MP David Smith).

Ms. Savery is Financial Director of Project Lighting and Treasurer of ACT Greens, and owns an art gallery. She has served as Director of National Finance for the National Electricity and Communications Association (NECA) and Treasurer of the Australian Institute of Social Affairs.

As an accountant, Ms Savery said she understands how to run a business and how a vibrant, inclusive economy would be possible if the government managed resources efficiently and fairly.

“My career helping small and large businesses run their financial affairs has shown me that better financial management will make government work better for everyone.

Ms Savery pledged to campaign to fight climate change by increasing public investment in renewable energy, technology and infrastructure to make Australia a green industrial power while developing new, sustainable jobs.

Volunteering in the ACT 2020 election motivated Ms. Savery to run for Bean. “It was an incredible campaign which demonstrated the level of community support for the Greens through the ACT.”

The Greens are the fastest growing political party in Canberra. “We’ve had a real spike in our numbers,” ACT Greens chief Shane Rattenbury said after the October election. The number of Green MPs has tripled from two to six, and the party holds the balance of power for the fourth time – a world first. Membership continued to increase after the election, Rattenbury noted.

Due to the increase in membership since the 2020 ACT elections, the Greens plan to host community events in every suburb of Canberra. The Greens have already participated in a series of community forums, stalls and door-to-door calls. . Ms Savery said the public response had been “overwhelming”; people worry about climate change and political integrity.

“The people of southern Canberra remember the horrific bushfires that were upon us and want elected officials ready to act on climate change. “

Ms. Savery also believes that the community does not like the influence of corporations on the political system. She asked people, “Why do you think we are in such a stalemate when it comes to climate action?” “. or “Why do you think that one in three large businesses is allowed to pay no tax?” “. People immediately collect corporate donations and corporate capture of our political system.

Natasa Sojic

Refugee advocate and environmental scientist Natasa Sojic will run as the Greens candidate for Fenner (owned by Labor MP Andrew Leigh).

Ms. Sojic is responsible for resource recovery and waste supply for the Canberra region joint organization and a former engineer at Enviropacific, a specialist environmental department.

A passionate environmentalist, Ms. Sojic has led soil and water contaminant removal projects, helping local councils divert waste from landfills and increasing demand for sustainable, compostable and recycled materials.

Ms. Sojic believes that ACT deserves elected representatives with the independence and integrity to defend them.

“Elected officials should listen to those most affected by their decisions, not the lobbyists and corporate donors that abound in Canberra,” she said.

“I would be proud to represent this diverse and inclusive community, who like me want a local MP who will vote in parliament to end offshore detention and give greater support to new Australians.”

Ms Sojic also highlighted support for the Greens’ political integrity platform. The Canberrans overwhelmingly back the Greens’ plan to cap donations to political parties at $ 1,000 and establish an independent anti-corruption commission, she said.

In her community of Fenner, Ms. Sojic plants trees, collects litter and is an active member of Neighborhood Watch.

James cruz

Librarian and trade unionist James Cruz will join Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng on the Senate ticket, hoping to topple liberal Zed Seselja and Labor Katy Gallagher.

Mr Cruz ran as a candidate for the Greens in Maroubra, Sydney. Socialist, Cruz believes Australian politics must change dramatically: the economy is the engine of climate change, while precarious and precarious work makes life worse for too many people.

“We can only build a socially and economically just society by connecting with each other and developing a common vision for our future,” he said.

Mr. Cruz will work for better public services such as hospitals, public housing and schools, as well as treaties and sovereignty for First Nations people.

“Growing up in social housing has also shown me how essential it is that we have quality public services and social protection systems that meet everyone’s basic needs. “

He also believes concerns about inequality and economic justice are on the rise.

“The pandemic has shown how precarious we are all and has reminded people of the importance of universal public services and social protection systems that meet the basic needs of the population.

“While JobKeeper has delivered super profits to companies that pay no tax, the inequality crisis has worsened, especially with regard to housing and precarious employment. This was compounded by the government’s disgraceful decision to reduce the job search rate to bring it below the poverty line.

“I have yet to meet anyone who does not agree when I suggest that the solution is to make every company and billionaire pay taxes, in order to increase the rate of job seekers and to return the care to the free children, dental care, TAFE and college, ”said Cruz said.

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