ABC’s new South Australian show Kids Beep and Mort wows audiences at premiere



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ABC’s new South Australian show Kids Beep and Mort wows audiences at premiere

October 06, 2022

Children from Burnside Elementary School are treated to a preview screening, Beep and Mort voice actors Zoe Coelho, Gus Wesson, Sid Ion and Savannah Gunn.

Pupils from Burnside Primary School were among the VIP guests who were treated to a preview screening of Windmill Pictures‘ new south australian manufacturing ABC Kids series beep and die at SAFC’s Adelaide Studios last week.

Based on the Windmill Theater Company’s award-winning theater show and made in Adelaide with a mostly South Australian crew, the thrilling new puppet-based TV series follows the action-packed adventures of best friends Beep the robot and the cuddly creature Dead, and unfolds will premiere Monday, October 10 at 8:10 a.m. on ABC Kids and ABC iview.

The SAFC had the pleasure of previewing beep and die to special guests, including MP Blair Boyer Education Minister, The Honorable Reggie Martin MLCState member of the Legislative Council, MP John Gardner, Shadow Minister for Arts and Festivals, Mayor of Burnside Anne MonceauxChairman of the SAFC Board of Directors Julie Coopermember of the SAFC Board of Directors austin taylorABC Acting Director, Entertainment and Specialist Jennifer Collins, ABC ABC Children’s Entertainment Manager and Specialist Libbie Dohertyexecutive producer of scripted and factual content within ABC’s children’s content commissioning team Marguerite RossWindmill Pictures and Series Directors/Producers Rosemary Myers and Kaye Weeks, Windmill Theater Board Chair Richard Harris and board members Chris Stewart, Ruth Ambler and Sophie Doyle as well as many key production creatives, with Uncle Michael O’Brien offering an enthusiastic welcome to the country.

Also present were first-year students and teachers from Burnside Elementary Schoolwho were treated to a special pre-screening show by the Windmill puppeteers Rachel Burk and Antoine Jelkthe talent behind the main characters of the series, as well as goody bags with beep and die themed gifts.

The kids loved the show, writing afterwards that they loved the “cute and cuddly” and “funny” characters from Beep and Mort, Pop and the Fuzzles.

Developed and funded with assistance from the Government of South Australia through the SAFC, beep and die was created, produced and post-produced entirely in South Australia by Windmill Pictures, with a predominantly South Australian cast and crew.

The first children’s studio program made in South Australia in over a decade, the series represents a watershed moment for locally created children’s content and is an example of world-class screen intellectual property sourced from Australia. State.

beep and die reflects the best of what the SAFC is; enabling South Australian writers, directors and producers to create and commercialize original intellectual property, helping South Australian production companies scale, and building our state’s capacity through the consistency of high quality production activity . The SAFC helps build career paths through skills development and champions South Australia by helping to export South Australian stories to the world.

See photos below. Photos by Aise Dillon

beep and die premieres Monday, October 10 at 8:10 a.m. on ABC Kids and ABC iview, with new episodes airing weekdays thereafter.


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