10 things you didn’t know about Geraldine Hakewill



Geraldine Hakewill is an actress used to being part of the main cast. She has played great roles in her acting career and it’s a face her fans instantly recognize. She is the most famous for roles on shows such as “Wanted” and the role she played as Chelsea Babbage. She also played an important role in the hit series “Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries”, and she took the role by storm. She’s better than good at what she does, and her fans should know more about her as a person.

1. She is Australian

She’s Australian, and everyone knows that. However, she was not born in Australia. The young actress was born in Paris, France. Her father was a doctor when she was a child, and he worked in Paris when she was born. He specialized in tropical diseases, which is why she was born in Paris.

2. She is young

She was born in the 80s, so some might not call her young. We call him young. She was born on July 13, 1987, so she is still young as she has not yet reached her mid-thirties.

3. She lived everywhere

We previously mentioned that she was born in Paris, but we didn’t mention that she didn’t live there very long. Before being a toddler of just four years old, she had already lived in Paris, South India and Switzerland. It was all done by his parents, even if it was not related to work. They did it because they practiced yoga, and it made them move regularly. However, she moved to Australia at the age of four. This is where she and her brother ended up growing up.

4. She graduated from the performing arts school

She knew she would go into the arts. She attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where she graduated. This tells us that being in the theater world was something she had hoped to accomplish since she was young.

5. She has a large family

She spent the vast majority of her childhood growing up with a younger brother, mother and father. However, her parents divorced when she was still a young teenager. While we don’t know if her mother has remarried, we do know her father has remarried. He remarried and provided his daughter with four additional siblings. She has two step-siblings, and she has two step-siblings and step-siblings, and she has a full sibling. By doing the math, she is one of the six.

6. She is a musician

A lot of people who follow her have no idea that she’s not just an actress. She is also a musician. However, people don’t realize this because she doesn’t use her name in her music. Her name is actually Geri Hakewell, which confuses people endlessly.

7. She is engaged

She’s not married yet, but She is engaged. She and her fiance got engaged in 2017. Her fiance is Mark Winter, who is also an actor. They starred together once in 2020 in a movie that ended up being a project they both enjoyed working on. Right now they are focused on their careers, their dogs and their home in Victoria.

8. She lives with anxiety

Many people live with mental health issues, and anxiety is absolutely a mental health issue. She’s lived with it for many years of her life, and she’s very open about it. Hakewell is a woman who knows she’s struggling, isn’t shy about discussing her issues, and is happy to focus on things that help her overcome, cope with, and cope with her anxiety.

9. She practices yoga

One of the most useful things she does in life is to practice yoga. It is a situation that allows him to manage his anxiety more than anything else. Specifically, she practices the art of meditation, but not the traditional type of meditation. She practices cordiality, which her meditation instructor mother taught her. It is the art of sitting in silence doing nothing other than focusing on your heart and absolutely nothing else.

10. She is private

She lives her life in the spotlight, but she tends to keep as much as possible out of the public eye. She’s not the type to share everything she does with her life on social media or anywhere else. She prefers to keep things to herself, to be a bit more of a “normal person, not a celebrity†in her real life, and she’s good at maintaining a good balance.



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